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Disability & Long-Term Care Solutions

Protect Yourself From Long-Term Health Problems.

Why Purchase Disability & Long-Term Care Insurance?

Unexpected events like a disability or the need to use a long term care facility can have a damaging effect on your finances. A disability can prevent you from working, and frequently employer sponsored disability insurance doesn’t take effect right away. Disability insurance ensures that you have an income, even when you are unable to work.

Long and/or short-term care insurance is important if you ever need to use a long term care facility. Many people assume that Medicare will pay for a long-term care facility, but often it does not. Long and/or short-term care insurance can protect your assets if you need to move to such a facility.

The Benefits of Disability Insurance.

Premiums are waived when you become disabled.
Benefits begin when your disability prevents you from working.
Policy renewal is guaranteed if you pay your premiums on time.
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Types of Short and Long-Term Care Insurance.

Comprehensive Long-Term Care

Gives you freedom of choice. Covers both nursing home and home health care expenses.

Home Health Care

Covers expenses related to home health care, allowing you to remain in your home.

Facility-Only Long-Term Care

Covers expenses from nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and Alzheimer’s facilities.

Short-Term Care Insurance

Provides coverage for at home or in-facility needs lasting less than one year.

We have a wide variety of short and long-term insurance policies available. Stop by today to learn how we can meet your needs.

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