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Don’t Outlive Your Money.

What Would Happen If You Outlived Your Money?

Unfortunately for many people, outliving retirement savings is a real concern. An annuity can protect you against outliving your money by providing you a guaranteed income, sometimes for life.

We have a variety of annuity products available and can help you pick the annuity that best meets your needs.

What An Annuity Can Do For You.

Provide financial security.

Fixed index annuities keep your principal safe from market loss.

Grow tax-deferred interest.

Don’t pay tax on your accumulated interest until you withdraw your money.

Provide an income.

Our annuity products will give you a guaranteed income — sometimes for life.

We’d love to help you find an annuity that fits your specific needs. Give us a call at (541) 776-0099 or email us at

Different Types of Annuities.

Deferred Annuities

Purchase to accumulate money in a tax deferred product.

Pays when you make withdrawals.

Payment is either a single sum or monthly income.

Money accumulates tax-deferred.

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Immediate Annuities

Purchase to assure you don’t outlive your income.

Pays out one period after your purchase your annuity. Stops paying when you die.

Payment provides a lifetime income.

Money accumulates tax-deferred in the early payout years.

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